Episode 3: Origen

nouveau origen

In this episode we introduce you to one of the most famous--or infamous--church fathers: Origen of Alexandria, who was the first Gentile Church Father to learn the Hebrew Language, who created a way to interpret scripture that dominated Christian exegesis for the next millennium and a half, and who castrated himself (yes, you read that right...he castrated himself).



Origen by Jean Daniélou
Origen by Joseph Trigg
Ecclesiastical History, Book IV by Eusebius

On Origen's Exegesis

P. C. Hanson. Allegory and Event: A Study of the Sources and Significance of Origen’s Interpretation of Scripture. Richmond: John Knox, 1959.
Annewies van den Hoek. “Etymologizing in a Christian Context: The Techniques of Clement and Origen” pages 122-168 in The Studia Philonica Annual vol. XVI. Providence: Brown University, 2004.

By Origen

First Principles
Commentary on Matthew

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First Principles
Selected Works
Homilies on Luke


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