Episode 5: Arius


If you know anything about early church history, you've probably heard of the Council of Nicaea and the heretic, Arius. But the story is shrouded in mystery. In this episode, we try to untangle the web of legends and lies to find the true story of Arius. 

In this episode we have two special guests. Travis Tarver joins us for a taste of the alcohol of the heretics. Sam Davidson tells us about Santa Claus slapping heretics and reviving children from their pickle.


Ancient History and Texts
Ancient texts from the Eary "Arian" Controversy
Socrates' Ecclesiastical History
Sozomen's Ecclesiastical History
Theodoret's Ecclesiastical History

Modern Scholarship on the "Arian" Controversies
The Search for the Christian Doctrine of Godby R.P.C. Hanson
Arius: Heresy and Tradition, by Rowan Williams
From Nicaea to Chalcedon, by Frances M. Young
Nicaea and its Legacyby Lewis Ayers


“Night Owl” by Broke For Free (cc by-nc 3.0)
"What's Up" by Paolo Pavan (cc by-nc-sa 4.0)
"XXV" by Broke for Free (cc by-nc 3.0)
"Modulation of the Spirit" by Little Glass Men (cc by 3.0)
"Failed Moments" by Ari de Niro (cc by-nc 3.0)
"Wild Things (Instrumental)" by YEYEY  (cc by-nc 3.0)
"Play Pelagic" by Little Glass Men (cc by 4.0)
"Bountiful" by Podington Bear (cc by-nc 3.0)
"Jingle Bells" by Podington Bear (cc by-nc 3.0)
"Just Watching" by Podington Bear (cc by-nc 3.0)