(Slightly Imperfect Sale) Counter Liturgy: Volume 2

(Slightly Imperfect Sale) Counter Liturgy: Volume 2


This copy of Counter Liturgy: Volume 2 (Lent and Easter) is a pre-production version containing minor grammatical and formatting errors.

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The second volume of the Counter Liturgy series invites individuals, small groups, and communities to reconsider the way they think about the significance of Lent and Easter. Bringing together song, prayers, Scripture, and writings of great church theologians into communal liturgies, it challenges Christians from all backgrounds to take seriously the enormity of the claim that God has made on our lives in the person of Jesus Christ. Confronting readers with the hard realities of Christian discipleship, Counter Liturgy, Volume Two (Lent and Easter)focuses on the words and actions of Jesus in order to broaden our gaze, so that we may better understand the immensity of the victory that has been won in his life, death, and resurrection.