Magic and Technology

Magic and Technology



Magic and Technology: A Christian Reflection on Knowledge, Power, and the Fate of All Life is Gerhard Stübben's debut full-length book. In it Gerhard reads Genesis 1-11 as a warning about the dangers of magic and technology, which are two sprouts from the same root, and then explores them and their repercussions in contemporary society.

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  1. Introduction

Part 1

  1. How Should We Read Genesis 1-11?

  2. Magic in Genesis 1-11

  3. Technology in Genesis 1-11

Part 2

  1. A Short History of Magic and Technology

  2. Magic, New Age Spirituality, and Transhumanism

  3. Technology, Nature, and Transhumanism


  1. Where Should We Go From Here?

  2. Post-Script

About the Author

Gerhard Stübben is a writer, podcaster, and graphic designer. He is interested in postmodern philosophy, early Christian literature, and Gabe the Dog videos. He and his wife, Kim, live in Waco, TX with their cat-child, Juma.