Divine Providence: A Conversation

Divine Providence: A Conversation



In Divine Providence: A Conversation, Jake Raabe, Tylor Standley, and Gerhard Stübben discuss their different theologies of God's foreknowledge and control of the world. Despite the often contentious nature of the topic of providence, Jake, Tylor, and Gerhard have been close friends for years. In this collection of light-hearted yet philosophically robust essays and responses, these three friends demonstrate how to talk about divisive issues without disrupting friendships.

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Charity in deliberation is rare these days. If you don’t believe me, just watch any politics “hot take” show or go to the comments section of a controversial article on the internet. Perhaps that is the reason Divine Providence is so refreshing. The authors, Raabe, Standley, and Stübben, intentionally set out to be sympathetic and understanding to one another’s viewpoints. What they accomplish is a book in which the differences in their viewpoints is far outshone by their generosity toward one another.
-Rory Jones, "Words About God"

"Why I am a Calvinist," by Gerhard Stübben
     Response by Jake Raabe
     Response by Tylor Standley
     Final Thoughts by Gerhard Stübben
"Why I am an Arminian," by Jake Raabe
     Response by Tylor Standley
     Response by Gerhard Stübben
     Final Thoughts by Jake Raabe
"Why I am an Open Theist," by Tylor Standley
     Response by Gerhard Stübben
     Response by Jake Raabe
     Final Thoughts by Tylor Standley

About the Authors
Jake Raabe is a writer and columnist with interests in American religious history, modern theology, and the filmography of Nicolas Cage. He lives in Waco, TX with his wife, Rebekah, his two cats, and the ghost of Thomas Jefferson. 

Tylor Standley is an author and podcaster. He and his wife, Kelly, live in Waco, TX with their two cats, Oliver and Winston. He has currently lost count of how many times he has rewatched "Parks and Rec." He studies early Christian literature, with a focus on monasticism and apocalypticism. His goal in life is to overthrow the bourgeoisie and rescue stray cats.

Gerhard Stübben is a writer, podcaster, and graphic designer. He is interested in postmodern philosophy, early Christian literature, and Gabe the Dog videos. He and his wife, Kim, live in Waco, TX with their cat-child, Juma.