Counter Liturgy: Common Prayers of Formation and Resistance (Vol 2: Lent and Easter)

Counter Liturgy: Common Prayers of Formation and Resistance (Vol 2: Lent and Easter)



The second volume of the Counter Liturgy series invites individuals, small groups, and communities to reconsider the way they think about the significance of Lent and Easter. Bringing together song, prayers, Scripture, and writings of great church theologians into communal liturgies, it challenges Christians from all backgrounds to take seriously the enormity of the claim that God has made on our lives in the person of Jesus Christ. Confronting readers with the hard realities of Christian discipleship, Counter Liturgy, Volume Two (Lent and Easter) focuses on the words and actions of Jesus in order to broaden our gaze, so that we may better understand the immensity of the victory that has been won in his life, death, and resurrection.

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Many of the good things in life require rhythm – music, dancing, even the beat of the human heart. Sam reminds us that at the core of the Christian experience is the cadence of celebration (Advent) and seriousness (Lent). Thank you, Sam, for providing a resource to serve the Christ-follower who desires to stay in sync with the heartbeat of God.
- Deron Spoo, Pastor, First Baptist Church Tulsa and author of The Good Book: 40 Chapters that Reveal the Bible’s Biggest Ideas
Counter LiturgyVolume Two is a graciously provocative work that challenges its readers to re-examine the liturgies of our lives—those patterns of living that form and shape us. In a world that draws us towards practices of selfishness, greed, and power-grabbing, this book calls the reader to discover the freedom and power found in the liturgies of Christ. By walking us through the Lenten season with Scripture, responsive readings, silent reflections, and guided prayers, Davidson invites us to participate in active, communal, and formative reflections that draw our minds to Christ’s life, death, and resurrection. In doing so, this book is a powerful tool for reorienting our minds and our hearts—and subsequently our actions—toward God. A must read for the Lenten season.
- Julia Wallace, Missions Education & Urban Missions, Baylor University 

The callings of the season of Lent haven’t changed, but we have changed; the cultural liturgies that form us have changed. We need a prophetic guide to pull us out of our “normal” and get us on the Lenten journey toward the cross. Pulling from sources both ancient and contemporary, Sam Davidson wisely guides us would-be pilgrims on the way—out of our sleeping and toward the living and crucified Jesus. Oh how we need to encounter Jesus today, and, truly, this guide helps point the way.
– Kyle Knighton, Minister of Spiritual Formation, DaySpring Baptist Church (Waco, TX)

The liturgies that Sam Davidson has crafted help us ponder the extent of our discipleship, and to examine the contradictions that we are every day.Counter Liturgy is accessible for those who have discontentedly fumbled through the season of Lent and are seeking a better entry into this sacred time, yet also thought provoking and challenging for those looking for a new guide through a familiar period in the church calendar. Counter Liturgy at its heart is doing the necessary work of stripping away American cultural Christianity, and reminding us what the statement ‘Jesus is Lord’ really means.
- Dilan Braddock, Youth Pastor, University Baptist Church (Waco, TX)

Sam Davidson has given us a new window to see something very old. In Counter Liturgy, Volume Two, we find a story of defiant submission that has been lived and relived for thousands of years, presented in a way that is challenging to our own contemporary idolatrous tendencies. Davidson provides us with reflections, passages of Scripture, introductory essays, and even suggested monastic chants, as means by which we might make that story our own. If you are new to Lenten practices, or if you have been fasting forty days out of every year for your entire life, you will find this book helpful in discovering new relevance in Lent and Holy Week. Whether it is from the lectern of the classroom, the pulpit of the chapel, or my own couch by candlelight, I will be using this book for years to come.
-  Jeremy Crews, Grammar School Chaplain and Rhetoric School Teacher of World Religions, Live Oak Classical School (Waco, TX)


Series Introduction
How to Use This Book
Introduction to the Season
Ash Wednesday
First Sunday in Lent: Jesus’s First Sermon
Second Sunday in Lent: Kingdom and Call
Saint Patrick’s Day
Third Sunday in Lent: The Sermon on the Mount
Fourth Sunday in Lent: The Way of the Cross
Fifth Sunday in Lent: The Power of God
Sixth Sunday in Lent: Palm Sunday
Maundy Thursday
Good Friday

Reflections for Holy Saturday: On Good Friday and Easter
Easter Sunday

About the Author


Sam Davidson has a B.A. in Religion from Baylor University and (almost) a Masters of Divinity from George W. Truett Theological Seminary in Waco, TX, where he lives with his wife Alexis. He hates blogs, including his own, which is called “Pontifications. And Stuff.” He is also a waiter, a graduate assistant, and a Seminary Fellow at the Fellowships at Auschwitz for the Study of Professional Ethics.