The Separation of Church and Estate

The Separation of Church and Estate


Most contemporary books on Christian economics offer little more than advice on how to accrue and manage wealth and power. But Christians are beginning to question the legitimacy of an economy that allows for widespread inequality and rewards unrestrained greed. The Separation of Church and Estate: Capitalism and the Christian Conscience critiques the orthodox capitalism of American society by viewing it through the lens of Christian ethics informed by historical anti-capitalist Christian leaders. It shows how the gospel turns power structures on their heads and redefines what it means to have wealth and power.

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1. Calzones and Capital: What is Capitalism?
     Martin Luther
2. Incentives for Survival: Human Nature and Capitalism
     Oscar Romero
3. Labor on Loan: Human Worth and Capitalism
     Dorothy Day
4. Blunt Teeth: Creation and Capitalism
     Helen Keller
5. Black Work, White Money: Race and Capitalism
     Martin Luther King, Jr.
6. Mommy, Where Do Pencils Come From?: Global Capitalism
     Toyohiko Kagawa
7. Who Cares about the Poor?: Government and Capitalism
     Karl Barth

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Tylor Standley

Tylor Standley is a writer and co-host of Podcastica Patristica. He is co-author of Divine Providence: A Conversation and and the forthcoming Arius in His Own Words, the first ever stand-alone translation of the works of the fourth-century heretic Arius.