17th and Dutton: At the Intersection of Beauty, Beer, Hope, and Heartache

17th and Dutton: At the Intersection of Beauty, Beer, Hope, and Heartache


17th and Dutton is a memoir about faith, postmodernity, and the meaning of community. In it Craig Nash tells the story of University Baptist Church—its struggles to craft an identity and its determination to deal with tragedy in a Christian way—as it intersects with his own struggles for the same. It is a profound and touching memoir of faith in an era of theological upheaval.

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Praise for 17th and Dutton

With a compelling combination of astute observation and vulnerable disclosure, Craig Nash weaves together one congregation’s journey through fame, tragedy, mistakes, and community. More importantly, he tells his own story—a story in which, despite it all, the light gets in. Or perhaps light gets in not despite it all, but because of it all. In one breath Craig reminds readers why people leave the church . . . and why they stay.

Kyndall Rothaus, Author of Preacher Breath, Pastor of Lake Shore Baptist Church, Waco, TX.

Craig narrates his journey at Waco celebrity church, University Baptist, from congregant to pastor to ex-pastor, with both candor and hope. He testifies to the pain and dysfunction of the church that most of us church-people can identify with, but he also gives witness to the beauty and grace he’s found in an imperfect community and to the movement of God through that particular people and place. This biography of a church movement is a valuable read for pastors and seminarians as we continue to think and re-think how we do church. It’s also a valuable read for anyone who could use a companion on a journey filled with loss and love. And that’s all of us, isn’t it?

Rev. Natalie Webb, Pastor of Covenant Baptist Church, San Antonio, TX

About the Author


Craig Nash

Craig Nash lives in Waco, Texas and works for a local non-profit addressing hunger in Texas. His interests include the Enneagram (he’s a 6), Estonia, and the music of Jason Isbell.