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jake raabe

Head of Marketing | General Editor
Jake is a writer and columnist with interests in American religious history, modern theology, and the filmography of Nicolas Cage. He lives in Waco, TX with his wife, Rebekah, his two cats, and the ghost of Thomas Jefferson.

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tylor standley

Webmaster | General Editor
Tylor is an author and co-host of Podcastica Patristica. He and his wife, Kelly, live in Waco, TX with their two cats, Oliver and Winston. He has currently lost count of how many times he has rewatched "Parks and Rec." He studies early Christian literature, with a focus on monasticism and apocalypticism. His goal in life is to overthrow the bourgeoisie and rescue stray cats.


gerhard stübben

Head Graphic Designer | General Editor
Gerhard is a writer, graphic designer, and co-host of Podcastica Patristica. He is interested in postmodern philosophy, early Christian literature, and Gabe the Dog videos. He and his wife, Kim, live in Waco, TX with their cat-child, Juma.


our ethics

We aim to do business in a way that is...

...fair to authors


Publishing can be a scary process for an author, especially when you don't understand your rights or don't know whether your publisher has your best interests in mind. We at Patristica Press believe that creators ought to have ownership and control over their work. Our author contracts are designed to be easily understood and to protect authors' rights. We ensure that authors have a say in everything from cover art to publicity. While most publishers take advantage of authors, giving them only a sliver of their book's profits, our authors receive 50%. Visit the Columbia Law School's Keep Your Rights to learn about copyright and literary contracts. We will have a sample contract available soon. Until then, don't hesitate to contact us to learn more!

...fair to workers


Patristica Press is worker-owned. We believe that the worker-owned, democratic business is a more ethical, sustainable, and economically efficient business strategy than the traditional model. Our workers own the business and its profits, and they share equally in decision-making. We believe that the profits of a business should belong to those who worked for them, and we have structured our business around that conviction. We also prefer to work with third-party companies that operate in this manner as well. We monitor our merchandise especially heavily, in order to ensure that their production involves no slave-labor or sweatshops.

...fair to the planet


We love our planet. In a world where corporations abuse and exploit its finite resources, we are committed to protecting and nurturing it back to health. Until we have our own equipment to print our books to ensure eco-friendly production, we are using third party printers that we have carefully vetted.